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Our Services


Energy Projects Consulting and Development

Explore our comprehensive consulting and development services, where we guide you through every stage of your energy project. From concept to completion, our experts ensure the success of your project. We're your trusted partners in making your project a reality.


Energy Market Regulation

Navigating the intricate world of energy market regulation can be a daunting task. At EnerUltima, our expert guidance and regulatory insight help you understand, comply with and harness energy market regulations. We're here to simplify the regulatory landscape for you.



At EnerUltima, we specialize in engineering solutions that prioritise innovation and efficiency. Our experts are at the forefront of the industry, ready to design and implement solutions that drive progress and sustainability. We bring engineering excellence to your projects.


Contractual Framework Development

We take a meticulous approach to contract development, ensuring that your agreements are sustainable, equitable and mutually beneficial. EnerUltima's expertise in shaping contractual frameworks guarantees a strong foundation for your projects.


Full Project Lifecycle Management

Our comprehensive project management solutions take care of every detail from the inception of your project to overseeing its construction and full operation. We handle planning, execution and monitoring, ensuring a seamless and successful project journey. Your project is in capable hands.


EU Projects Implementation and Support

Partner with us to seamlessly execute EU projects aligned with your objectives. We have a successful track record in EU project implementation and support. Let us guide you through the complexities of EU projects and grant applications to ensure your success.

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